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How I Use Twitter As A Productivity Tool

Boomers are on Facebook, Millennials on Instagram and Gen Z on TikTok. So who the hell is on Twitter? (Aside from Trump and Elon Musk, who often parade their thoughts through the 140 character box)

Me! Here’s how I use Twitter (to try optimize my life, again - I’m not a robot but it helps)

Twitter has been known to be the domain for up-to-the-minute communication from reputable accounts and sources. Thanks to the brief word limit, we are able to get concise and to-the-point alerts on whatever we decide to subscribe to.

General rule of thumb for me, is to follow a highly curated list of no longer than 80 people, so that I don’t end up with a messy feed with extra noise everywhere, lest I end up getting hooked onto some random cat video and spiral into a black hole of unproductivity. I’m sharing a couple of my more well-liked accounts, if you guys have any other questions feel free to pop them in my DMs or drop me an email! Happy to hear who you guys follow on Twitter as well :)

(I cleared out my whole following list when I started this initiative - I still love you friends, but will catch you on Instagram / FB instead😜)

  1. Market/Stock Insights Personally, I don’t trade, but I do invest, and having an idea of the overall economic outlook and influencing factors do help establish a stronger foothold when I want to buy into something. There are many finance and Econs gurus on Twitter who share both macro economic insights, market and trend updates as well as some technical analysis tips. Here are the top 5 people I have found pretty insightful: @HedgeMind | Stock Ideas @ivanhoff2 | Portfolio Manager @the_chart_life | Technical Analysis @LukeGromen @MarkoKolanovic4 | Macro, Quant & Derivatives

  2. Tech I do have a slight obsession with thought leaders in the tech field and whatever their brain child might be. Under tech, I follow Investors, Venture Caps, CEOs, CTOs & Product Owners. Key takeaways include updates within the industry, product releases, and other cool startups you may want to be aware of. Pretty exciting stuff! I’d say over a good 50% of my Twitter following would be techies - hopefully one day I can contribute to this space too, heh. @sama | Sam Altman @paulg | Paul Graham @patrickc | Patrick, CEO & Founder of Stripe @natfriedman | CEO of Github @DanielGross | Founder @ Pioneer, Prev Partner @ Y Combinator, Director @ Apple, Investor in Cruise, Notion, Gusto, Coinbase, etc. @tobi | CEO of Shopify @Lux_Capital | Early Stage VC @danwwang

  3. Current Affairs Politics, News, and any other relevant people - just to keep myself in the loop since I already follow a bunch of news channels on Telegram. I do think these are useful, but in general I follow more politics & business news instead of more buzz-worthy, entertaining content like from Mothership! (I see many of their articles on IG when friends repost them anyway). @BarackObama @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden @BW | Businessweek @business | Bloomberg

  4. Other Noteworthy Ones | Business / Productivity / Youtube Related A little more on the fun side, here are some people I follow on both Youtube, IG and Twitter! Big shoutout to MKBHD, really eloquent and sharp content from him for tech updates and reviews, plus other cool interviews he does of Bill Gates, Elon Musk and more. I’m a huge fan of many photographers like Sam Kolder and Jeremy Jauncey too, but I stick to IG and Youtube to get updated with their content :) @MKBHD | Marques Brownlee @AliAbdaal @ShaneAParrish @HarvardBiz - Harvard Business Week @visakanv

That’s about it for now. I don’t spend much time on Twitter, but I’d rather be scrolling this than my Instagram feed every now and then to make myself feel like at least social media is doing me some good.

It's a great tool to consolidate the channels you personally want to stay updated with. I believe that it's replaced traditional media for me. Let me know what you think - whether you are on Twitter yourself, and who are those worthy of a follow!


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