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R A C H A E L    A N N A B E L L E

builder. creative. photographer. 

I'm Rachael, some call me kb (knottedbrains for short).


I was born and raised in Singapore but spent sporadic amounts of time in Melbourne growing up too. I've also lived and worked in London and Malaysia, but New York is now home to me. 


Currently, I'm on a mission to enable anyone to live and work anywhere. I'm building Gullie (an ai-powered platform that simplifies relocation, and helps move talent across borders 3x cheaper and faster.). 


Prior to this, I spent time at Google Singapore, where I helped launch Google Shopping in South Asia, did product marketing for Youtube APAC, and ran Google Cloud's largest internal event in Asia.

I've dabbled in a bunch of things -- from running a company at 18 that launched nightlife products & events, pageantry, learning how to code, picking up product design, getting hired as a freelance photographer around the world, and making friends along every step of the way.

I like reading, flying drones, automotive photography, dancing, cooking.

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