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R A C H A E L    A N N A B E L L E

builder. designer. photographer. writer. sushi fanatic & occasional nerd. 

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I'm Rachael, some call me kb (knottedbrains for short). I was born and raised in Singapore, but spent sporadic amounts of time in Melbourne growing up too. I studied at NUS, and headed to New York City to work for for a startup in the franchise-tech space where I helped scale companies across the US. 


I am currently working on a startup called Gullie (a relocation lifestyle assistant integrating people 10x faster into communities). Prior to this, I spent time at Google Singapore, where I helped launch Google Shopping in South Asia, did product marketing for Youtube APAC, and ran Google Cloud's largest internal event in Asia.


I left in August of 2021 and decided to buy a one-way ticket to London to join one of the accelerator program to dive into the startup scene there while launching my MVP. 

I've dabbled in a bunch of things from running a company at 18 that launched nightlife products & events, joined and won a pageant, learned how to code, picked up ui/ux, got hired as a freelance photographer around the world, and made friends along every step of the way.

Things I like:

Reading, flying drones, automotive photography, dancing, cooking, house music, writing, spin classes, very oat-y lattes, and hosting wine nights with friends.

Say hello on Twitter.

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